The online data room is a new milestone in the development of enterprise cloud services and one of the fastest-growing business segments in the field of data storage and exchange. Solutions of this kind offer their users almost the same advantages as Dropbox and other public cloud services. Here are the differences between the Box and the network data rooms.

How Does the Online Data Room Operate?

Let’s analyze how the platform works on the side of the document owner and the external user. The network data room allows you to individually manage access rights for different customers and groups. As a rule, in modern programs, there is synchronization with AD/LDAP.

Network data rooms allow you to manage the lifetime of documents. This feature is useful when a shared document contains information that will become outdated after a certain time, or when a project team gains access to the data and should revoke that access after the project is completed.

Some solutions allow you to place a document in a secure micro-container, which is similar to AD RMS and only then allow an external user to download it. Thus, the document is protected not only at the stage of delivery, until the moment of the first opening (download), but throughout the entire period of its existence.

Keeping an event log when working with documents is one of the key functions of the platform. The most interesting are those solutions in which, in addition to the date of opening and downloading documents from the online data room, information is logged about who opened the protected document and when.

Comparison of an Electronic Data Room with Cloud Storage and Box

Some people can ask the question: “Why pay for a network data room when you can use the public cloud to share files?” To answer this question, let’s make a detailed comparison. For clarity, the main differences are shown in the table below:


Secure Digital Sharing of Business Documents

An online room combined with DRM technology eliminates all risks of enterprise information leakage. The advantages of the projects have been appreciated by many well-known companies. The invaluable advantages of the online data room system are as follows:

    • the ability to control documents after they are sent: you can see who, when and from which devices downloaded the file, what changes were made, you can also cancel or restrict access to the document remotely after sending;
    • data exchange takes place on the principle of E2E encryption, which protects files from MITM attacks;
    • ability to work on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, as well as Android and iOS mobile gadgets;
    • ease of implementation and use.

Which Organizations Require Enhanced Document Security?

The online data room’s method of protecting corporate materials is in great demand among organizations that work in the financial sector, project companies, and communication service providers. However, the security of storing and transmitting commercially valuable information is important for any business. If you do not want to have problems with data leakage and incident investigation, implement a new effective system in your company.